very long retract at end of print in gcode - why?

  • Hi.

    I'm using Mattercontrol, and I love it. I export the sliced files so that I can use octoprint because my printer is in the loft. (also like the video monitor, remote switch off at end and other features of that)

    Anyway, after my model is printed, I get a very long retraction - it takes a few minutes!

    In my gcode towards the end I have

    (all the code to print the model>
    G1 Y107.2 E6757.767
    G1 X100.2 Y108.56 F12000
    G1 Y111.43 E6757.835 F1800
    ; MatterSlice Completed Successfully
    G1 E6752.838 F2400
    G1 E6747.841
    G1 E6742.844
    <then many more lines where E value reduces by 5 each time>
    G1 E6.991
    G1 E1.994
    G1 E-3.003
    G1 E-8

    G1 X93.4 Y118.83 F12000
    G1 X86.6 Y126.23
    G1 X79.8 Y133.62
    G1 X73 Y141.02
    G1 X66.2 Y148.42
    G1 X59.4 Y155.82
    G1 X52.6 Y163.22
    G1 X45.8 Y170.61
    G1 X39 Y178.01
    G1 X32.2 Y185.41
    G1 X25.4 Y192.81
    G1 X18.6 Y200.2
    G1 X11.8 Y207.6
    G1 X5 Y215
    M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
    M140 S0 ; turn off heat bed
    M106 S0 ; turn off layer fan
    M84 ; disable motors
    ; filament used = 6757.8
    ; filament used extruder 1 (mm) = 6757.8
    all the rest of the comment lines at the end of the slicer generated gcode)

    My printer > Gcode > end gcode> looks like this:
    G1 E-[retract_length] F[retract_speed]
    G0 X5 Y215 F[travel_speed]

    M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
    M140 S0 ; turn off heat bed
    M106 S0 ; turn off layer fan
    M84 ; disable motors

    My mattercontrol printer / features
    unload filament length is 50mm

    In slice settings > filament> retraction
    retract length is 8mm
    retract speed is 40mm/s

    My octoprint "After print job completes" script looks like this: (but I don't think we every get there)
    G91 ; Set to relative mode
    G1 Z10 ; Move 10mm up
    G90 ; Set to absolute mode again
    G0 X1 Y1 ; get right out of the way

    My question is WHY all this long retraction? Where is it getting these numbers from?

  • I'm looking to connect my Pulse XE via Octoprint. What was the process for you to successfully do so?


  • MatterHackers

    It's likely retracting in absolute from your last E value which is E6742.844

    Try changing your end gcode to this

    G92 E0
    G1 E-8 F2400
    G0 X5 Y215 F3000

    and see if that resolves it

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