Nozzle temp fluctuations

  • I have a brand new Pulse XE E-422. I've been running test prints with the RYNO filament with the nozzle temp set to 245. While printing the temp is fluctuating between 240 and 249. I've not see this on other printers I own. Support suggested I check the silicone sock. It appears to be in the proper place.

    It's probably not related but when I received the printer, one of the ribbon cables to the display wasn't attached. I connected it and everything fired up fine.


  • @wgstrong Temp fluctuations could have 3 sources (even though I am having a model C 232 pulse)
    1,) the PID tuning might be off
    2.) Fan blows on the nozzle
    3.) there is a bad contact/broken wire on the thermistor.

    To eliminate 3 create a log. If the temp rises falls steadily like 240.2, 240.4, 240.6.... then your wiring is most likely fine if it jumps like 240, 247, 241, 249 etc then you have an electrical connection problem To PID tune google matterhackers PID tuning they have a good website for that To see its the fan slice with the fan off or turn it off while printing and see if the temp still fluctuates. A little fluctuation is ok like 1-2 deg

  • @mpirringer The temp fluctuates +- 5 degrees from 245. It will range up and down like this: 240, 241, 242, 243, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249, 248, 247, 246, 245, 244, 243, 242, 241, 242, 243, etc...

    The fan being on or off doesn't seem to make any difference.

  • @wgstrong Do q PID tune at 245 here is the website
    Just replace the S240 with S245 and follow the instructions

  • @mpirringer I followed the directions for the PID tune and now I get an error:


  • @mpirringer I just ran the PID tune again for a temp of 240 and now my nozzle temp is stable. Go figure.

  • I suspect you have a loose wire somewhere. I have my machine PID tuned to 270 as I mostly print Nylons and My chiron to 260 as it mostly prints ABS and HIPS that like 260. So if you get a thermal runaway when PID tuning then something is not fine. The error you got means what it says The software knows the temp sb going up at least so much in a given time if it doesnt it throws that error to prevent a fire. Like if your thermistor is bad and it tries to keep heating and does not stop - well it overheats and/or can start a fire. So i'd give the printer a good looking over

  • @mpirringer I just got the printer 2 days ago so a loose wire or bad thermistor would be disappointing. I did re-run the PID tune again and now the printer seems to be holding the correct temperature. That's for the help.

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