• In 2015 David Gaylord posted a Matterhackers article on creating stencils. As a newbie, I am a bit confused about the layers. There was a discussion on how much infill to use. But we are trying to make a thin, solid sheet of plastic with cutouts, so why would there BE any infill? Should I set it up with 4 "bottom" layers and no "top" nor "infill", two top and two bottom, or what? I tried 100% infill, but that generated an infill error.

  • @borogove If your stencil is lets say 1MM thick and you print with .2mm layer height thats 5 layers so as long as top and bottom layers add up to 1mm (or more) it does not matter. Infill pattern will be used for the pattern youl use to fill those layers in. If top and bottom layers add up to equal or more than what the thickness of the stencil is then infill % has no bearing - IDK what slicer you use but it shouldn't give you an error so report it to the ones in charge of the slicer.

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