Multiple Objects in 1 STL

  • Are you ever going to fix this? Over 2 years ago I asked about this, and was put on the list to take care of. But it still is not fixed in the latest release. If there are multiple object in 1 file/STL it automatically does a screwed up XOR like thing. I am still having to separate each object into separate files, load them, and then align them.

  • MatterHackers

    There was a fix for this sometime last year. But like many bug fixes it only addressed cases we knew about.

    Can you please submit an issue to GitHub with the model and a screenshot?

    We would love to investigate and fix we're issues like this.

  • Bug report submitted.

  • MatterHackers

    Copying the GitHub response here.

    This has lots of self intersecting geometry which can have an undefined result. It is hard for the algorithm to find a solution. I tried to repair it with NetFad and it gave an error. I would recommend you try to repair it with another mesh tool (possibly meshmixer or meshlab. Or if you can re-model it.

    I also tried this online tool and it produced as a result.

    Here is a screenshot of the fixed mesh.
    As you can see, it could not detect the complete whole correctly.

    We will keep this as a test model (if its ok) to try and improve the algorithm, but it seems like this may not be fixable.

  • Odd, my response didn't get posted.

    The thing to do is just separate the models. If I manually separate the models and load them individually, then align them it prints perfect.

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