Our latest 3DP creation

  • https://www.chiefdelphi.com/uploads/default/original/3X/d/f/df23ce1d914c8351a4ee66cefefde5eedad8a510.gif

    The gears of the planetary are Taulman 910 the bevels will be. The Tire is TPU and the ho;der (black stuff) is ABs. The Bevels are still HIPs/ABS and are currently being printed in Taulman 910 Nylon. As we get HIPS and ABS for less than $10/kg we usually print everything in HIPS/ABS to see if it fits and works before shelling out the $$ for Nylon. If the rest of the tests are successful we problably print between 6-10 of them

    Printed on our 2 Anycubic Chirons with a Volcano Clone modification and a .8 nozzle rest is stock The Nylon needs gluestick to properly adhere to the ultrabase

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