Any ideas why NozzleX on my MK3s keeps getting loose?

  • Any ideas why NozzleX on my MK3s keeps getting loose? I use the OLSSONRUBY torque wrench. I heat the hotend to 280, give it a few clicks and everything is great for a few prints. Then it gets loose again. Any ideas or is this normal?

  • @xxfirefighter E3D hotends sometimes do that especially if they came loose once and you got some plastic between the heatbreak and Nozzle cause then you are tightening against plastic and not metal. you could also have a small piece of other debris in there - I'd assemble the hotend and inspect the nozzle and heatbreak surfaces for anything that is not shiny metal

  • Thanks...
    I think I figured it out. (I think)
    I bought the Olsson torque wrench. That's 1.5Nm Torque. The suggested torque is 3Nm. This is from E3D Support Agent...
    I am printing a new torque wrench tonight so I'll see is that helped !
    Thanks !

  • @xxfirefighter Hope it does. I just bought a torque wrench that is adjustable so I can set it to pretty much anything that is required. I know the mosquitos ask for 1.5 nM. And the printed ones are material specific. So PLA will give you a different torque then ABS or PETG (or extremely TPU lol) when I got my "real" torque wrench I also found that different brands of the same materials are different when it comes to torque plus it also depends on flow, nozzle size etc etc. So a 3DP torque wrench IMO should only be used in an emergency

  • @mpirringer It is working for now. I'll pick up a real torque wrench. I checked it with a scale and it was accurate.
    Thanks !

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