BLTouch wiring help

  • I need help with the BLTouch replacement cable I picked up a month ago. The Dupont Connectors may not be properly fitted to the wires and I'd like to switch them over to JST connectors so they lock on to the SKR Mini e3 V1.2..

  • @doubledave You will have to cut the wires when you replace the dupont with a JST. You can get all the connectors and a crimping tool (unless you already have them) at amazon or similar. If you google SKR mini... and Bl touch wiring - you will see pictures as to how it goes.

  • I got a warranty replacement BL touch that was incorrectly wired. Just a heads up. The attached picture was the correct "pin-out" in relation to the board.0_1602272312895_InkedBL touch cable_LI(1).jpg

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