Pulse XE awful print quality

  • I have the pulse xe I just received, with the ruby nozzle. When printing in PLA the quality of the print is awful. It seriously is the worst I've ever seen. Is this a drawback of this nozzle? I didn't get any brass nozzles in the box to change it out with and test the difference.

  • You could have received a possible defective nozzle with a broken ruby. I ran PLA and PETG for a long time before i did abrasive filaments and even after NylonX, Nylon G and Glow PLA, never had any quality issues.

    If you would like better help, we need pictures of the prints and the associated data on them; temps, speeds, and such.

  • The temp was 210, bed temp 60. It was set to .20 high quality in matter control. It was basic craftbot white pla I had leftover. New, sealed, first use. I have changed filaments and once I have a successful print I'll compare the two. Tomorrow my e3d brass nozzles come in from amazon so I'll change nozzles and see if that helps as well as printing a sample model made elsewhere. 0_1601776978298_8E9C6BDD-52DF-40E8-B17C-298C1BA17F6F.jpeg

  • MatterHackers

    White often requires higher temps due to the dye/colorants used. Before you start going too deep into troubleshooting, try bumping the temp on the nozzle up 10-15C - keeping all other settings the same - and see what the results are.

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