NylonX First Layer Pulse XE

  • Hello Everyone,
    I got a Pulse XE a couple of months ago and have just been printing some PLA on it for a couple of projects I am doing. Now though I have the need for stronger Nylon parts but I have run into a few issues. I bought NylonX and also have the PulseXE with the filament dryer and the garolite flex plate bed. After a few attempts at default settings and calibrating the z level multiple times and modifying the first layer thickness. I have yet to have a nylon part that doesn't warp. Granted a few of my test cubes have been fine with some minor warping on the corners but none have fully stuck to the print bed which seemed to be what was advertised as the Pulse XEs capabilities. Any idea?

    Thank you,
    Devin Willis

  • @devingator Nylon is sometimes tough especially if you have particles in it (like CF or GF) as that decreases layer adhesion. A couple of things that helped with different Nylons in my experience

    1.) Make an enclosure - As little as a garbage bag draped over it helps. Try to keep the electronics board outside the enclosure

    2.) use a Brim - pain in the butt getting it off with nylon - lots of fiddling with an xacto knife but often necessary

    3.) Use copious amounts of glue stick

    and like alwayse make sure your bed is leveled and the first layer gets squished into the build plate you definitely want to make the layer height higher and then put the Z offset down (bring nozzle closer to bed)

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