Had to Adjust Esteps to 1117 and this seems excessively high

  • I went through and calibrated my Esteps and in order to get the correct extrusion length, I had to up my Esteps from 450 to 1117. It extrudes the right amount but now I have been having endless crashing issues with my Pulse XE. Do you think this has to do with it pushing the BonTech extruder to hard and its jamming?

  • @cdk I never had to change my Esteps on any printer ever. unless you changed extruder and its geared differently then your prior on you have other issues - maybe missed steps or slipping etc. I have been able to deal with adhesion and filament specific extrusion with adjusting the extrusion multiplier between .9 and 1.1 in the slicer. To get the proper speed for your extrusion read this

    You could also have a Puck in your hotend that happens if the nozzle and heatbreak or the Nozzle and ptfe tube in a non all metal Hotend have a gap or the end of the ptfe tube eroded
    If you start at 120 (G1 E50 F120 ) it should extrude pretty much anything properly and then you can go up from there and calculate the max speed as explained in the tutorial or use prusa slicer which does it for you

  • It is the stock BondTech extruder. I would set it to extrude 100mm and it would only push 40mm through. When printing, I would have to set the extruder multiplier all the way up to around 1.5 just to get a decent sized bead. Taking the hot end apart now to check if its clogged. I already went through and cleaned the nozzle out. The bondtech extruder clicks when extruding. I've messed with adjusting the tension screw but no luck there. And of course its a 3 week response time for Matterhackers support right now.

  • @cdk There you go - if it clicks while extruding then its slipping. You either got the temperature too low for the filament you are using or the print speed too high. What size nozzle do you have and what speed do you print at and what material are you using

  • @mpirringer I was using 0.4mm nozzle, PETG at 255C, with infill at 25mm/s, 1st layer at 10mm/s, and outisde perimeter at 15 mm/s. If i set my E-steps back down to the stock value I get really bad under extrusion but no more slipping. It seems that there is a mismatch in the gear ratio of the stepper motor and the BondTech that isn't being accounted for. I switch back to PLA and still having the same issue.

  • Welp, turns out my Hot end was cracked in the heating element and the hot end just broke off inside the heating box. So done with this Pulse, trying to return.

  • @cdk Good luck even though hotend problems usually are wear and tare - doesn't take much to kill one. I got a pulse and its undergoing major surgery. IMO its a printer that is grossly overpriced and misrepresented. I Bought a 2 Chirons, upgraded them to all metal and such for less than I paid for the pulse. Did have some issues too but less than with the pulse. But then we had some problem with makerbots and ultimakers too. So if you 3DP you will be fixing printers - no matter what you spend. I know some people who have some funmat HT and markforged X3 and they need fixing too.


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