Assistance dialing in a Fusion3D F410

  • Hi all,
    This is my first time on the site and was hoping to find some help here.
    I recently landed an engineering position at the beginning of the year that also put me in charge of a 3D printer, and have had to teach myself some 3D modeling and how to use the printer. I'm hoping to find a guide or have someone guide me in dialing the various aspects of the F410 specifically as I have not found anything as of yet online, I can prints pieces that are usable for now but have some more detailed models headed my way soon and would like to know for the future how to diagnose my issues. Thanks so much in advance to any and all who can lend me a hand.
    -Kelly V.

  • @vaultdwellerkelly its hard to find an all encompassing guide. I suggest youtube is often helpful. if you have a particular question and I am on I will try to answer it. make sure you send a pic when something goes wrong cause that often makes it easier

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