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  • With the PPE printing we got some PLA donated and I got some gray from Matterhackers too (cause we only have one roll of gray) so we decided to give PLA a shot again. Now I have had lots of not so good experiences with PLA and big pieces before on the PULSE, Makerbots and ultimakers. So we stopped it so this is the first on the Chirons on Ultrabase. We usually print ABS HIPS, PETG on them this is 9 inch in diameter
    alt text
    A little stringing but I am getting it dialed in. It stayed put. Part of it probably because I printed it without any bottom layers
    alt text

    It was printed with the standard setup with a Volcano with a .8 Nozzle first layer width 200 % and the rest 110% on outside perimeters 130 on the inside perimetes 90% for top layer and 105% for infill so it works out. Unfortunately my fan barely turns but this is a big piece so ample time of cooling 3 top layers. The Blue prints at 220 the gold at 205 and the gray at 225 Layer height is .4mm

    To do this on a single color printer I edited the Gcode and at the apropriate time inserted a M104 S205 (or 220 or 225) to change temp - followed by a M25 to stop the SD card print then manually changed the filament and then sent a M24 from the console. I could have used MC to stop at certain layers but then I loose all the capabilities of using perimeter widths and other flow control etc. (Hint MC bring your slicer from the past into the present)

    We will use our donated pla to print some for our sponsors and Mentors etc and probably some to stick it to the robot or hang it up in the pits

  • Looks pretty slick, nice work

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