Issues printing small shapes. Material is gumming up

  • I am having issues printing smaller sections of parts. You can see in the photos below that for larger sections of prints, it is fairly smooth, however for the small sections (i think these are called "islands") it gums up. I am very new to 3D printing so please excuse any wrong terms. Does this have anything to do with the retraction settings?0_1598019182053_IMG-1636.jpg

    FYSA, I have a Pulse XE, I was printing Ryno at 240 C with a bed temp of 73 C

  • @cdk L:ooks to me like you are having extrusion problems. First I only printed to spool of Ryno that came with it and then never again printed Ryno I do/did print a lot of PETG though. Ryno was too tough to print and had too many issues for my taste.

    1.) Make sure its dry PETG/Ryno/Nylons need to be dry and printed from a print dry
    2.) Make sure you are feeding properly
    3.) Print a test print - like a big Letter E or L where each line is a certain thickness like this the walls are 1, 1,25, 1,5 2 and 3 mm thick you then can check with a caliper. This is just an example as this particular one was optimized for testing a .8 or 1mm nozzle on a volcano (What we mostly print with) to adjust flow rate. For a .4 nozzle I'd probably 1/2 the thickness and then use a slicer where I can properly adjust the wall thickness like prusaslicer.
    4.) IDK what the firmware currently can do but towards the edge of the print you have acceleration problems either configure linear advance (if it has it) or play with acceleration an jerk You also might be printing too fast.
    5.) Towards the tips you have cooling problems your filament does not have time to cool before putting down the next layer as its too small. Either slow the print down I think its "slow print if layer time is less than ... sec" in MC so increase the sec part and decrease the speed there or print 2 pieces side by side.
    6,) You can also play with the temperature
    7.) Only change one thing at the time and see how it works out. Sooner or later you get your settings right

  • @mpirringer Thank you for taking the time to help out. I will post an update once I work through the steps.

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