How to upgrade C-131 to E3D V6

  • I have a C-131 Pulse printer. I purchased an E3D V6 hot end from MatterHackers. However I can find no instructions on how to switch out the old (V6 lite) one. There instructions for other printers but not the Pulse. I's not clear which parts to remove to be able to free the hot end. Picture attached with parts fan removed. 0_1597024229731_HotEndReplacement1.jpg. To the right of the loosened screw is a screw end that seems needs to be removed but I can't access it's head on the other side(facing the back of the printer, not visible). Thanks.

  • Tale the hotend fan on the side off first be careful that one breaks easy. Then remove the BL touch - be careful with that too as the brackets for it are pretty thin. Then there are 3 screews in the back - you take those out and the assembly splits apart and you can remove/replace the hotend. You should check with matterhackers support though if you can/should change the firmware . I have a C-232 with a V6 that I had to replace a couple of times. If you want to be completely safe then print a set of hotend parts (files on github under C-Frame) if I remember correctly in case you break something. It also helps to have some M3 screws and Nylock m3 nuts on hand in case you loose one. The firmware upgrade might be necessary if they set the max-temp too low. For the Lite it probably should be set to about 250-260 and for the all metal around 300 otherwise the printer wont heat higher. Eitherway it might pay to call them with those questions

  • @mpirringer This is great. Thanks a ton. I will report back in a couple of days after trying out these steps.

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