First layer width

  • I'm having trouble with my first layer width. No matter what I set the width to it only spaces the extrude over and does not increase the extrusion rate. So if I go 150% width there will be a space between the extrude lines. to tighten the space up you have to apply 100% or less to the width. I don't know if its something I am not doing right but I am puzzled.

  • @mark8967 I have had the best experience with keeping it at 100% and increasing the layer height for the first layer and reducing the Z offset and with that achieve pretty much the same. Remember all the printer does is move the head and spit out filament at a given rate so increase the layer height for the first layer means more filament , decrease the Z offset brings the nozzle closer to the build plate so the filament gets forced / squished more into the build plate

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