PERG problems - rough to players, brittle

  • Hi all,

    I was able to print PETG face shields successfully for about 1 week. Then, nope. My prints are brittle, lots of stringing and have rough top layers. Using a Pulse XE in an enclosure.

    Did cold pills and recalibrated everything. Dried the filament. And even used a new spool. I took careful notes and recreated the setting s to use with that particular brand ;Polymaker Polylite PETG)

    I’m in one of those lows in the 3D printing roller coaster. Haha. Any thoughts?


  • @rjderama A picture would be helpful. Make sure you actually dried it and its dry. Most PETG needs to be printed from a print dry as even if its completely dry it can be wet again in 30 min to an hour. It depends a lot of the environment and its summer so in general more humid than in winter so it gets wet faster.

    You could also have extrusion problems. Sometimes the nozzle comes a little loose on a V6 and you start to develop some blockage. if you got some black stuff (burnt filament oozing out either around the nozzle of on top of the block between the heatsink and block you got to take it all apart and give it a real good cleaning and possibly replace the nozzle and heatbreak and possibly the block.

  • @mpirringer thanks for the reply. I think it is an extrusion problem. I got one good print and then back to the circle of frustration.

    I took a good look around the nozzle and found all kinds of brunt filament - even got under the heat sock. Seems like the whole thing has to come apart and be cleaned huh?

  • @rjderama Take it apart. If you can't get the black stuff off the nozzle then a new nozzle it is same with the heatbreak. I tried heating and sanding it but it kept leaking then seems the little scratches you make sanding are enough for a leak. You can clean the threads out by running an m6 through while its hot if that does not work then you also need a new block. It pays to periodically check the nozzle tightness with a torque wrench.

  • Disappointing to hear that, but I think it’s more the norm I’ve gotta get used to - these things happen and I gotta learn and move on.

    I’m also noticing that the Bowden tube has a lot of up and down play even though the retaining collar and clip are engaged. Any idea on how to fix that?

  • @rjderama
    If its on the bowden side. You can also use a zip tie of just the right size and pull the black thing up a bit.

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