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    I made a video to show off one of the ways MatterControl gets tested. Every version has hundreds automated tests (401 currently) that run to ensure everything is working like it should. When we get bug reports, we add more tests.

  • @larsbrubaker Mattercontrol has a lot of neat features now if it had a good slicer it would be a great program. Heck bring back the feature from 1.7x where you could link to Slic3r and have it link to prusa slicer which basically is lic3r and you got a real good program. The reason I stopped using it and am not using it for any of my other printers is the slicer and the annoying way you (maybe by now used to) do updates by simply adding or removing or moving something and I had to spend all kinds of time finding it - but mainly the slicer. There are a lot of things missing especially if you print with bigger nozzles (.6 and up) Your Bed leveling is great - but I guess I am repeating myself - get a good slicer. This is probably the last time I do that but
    Variable perimeter width like specify layer width for outside and inside perimeters. If I use a .8 nozzle it makes the perimeter width .8 now .88 to .96 gives you better layer adhesion and for inside perimeters you can go even wider - depending on your nozzle and extruder

    Max volumetric E - which goes with the above - you can read some tutorials here I worked that out with the ppl from E3D and slice engineering and it works great and makes nice neat prints much stronger and faster especially if you are printing mechanical parts.

    And Adaptive layers - can make a huge difference in both speed and accuracy. And they also need the max volumetric E unless you are running a .4 nozzle

    So MC should come with a note with the current slicer "Only use for models to look at and not mechanical parts and only print with a .4 or maybe .5 nozzle " those are the most egregious shortcomings. But I was told by tech support that the slicer is not a priority and so I switched to prusa slicer and only bought printers (not from you) that can easily run with Prusa Slicer and don't need MC and the quality and mechanical integrity of our robotics parts drastically increased. Its a shame - I really loved your bed leveling thing

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    MatterControl is used by tens of thousands of people successfully every day. It designs, slices and prints millions of parts. It is free software. It is a gift to those who want it. It is worked on with love and passion by dozens of people and it is improving all the time.

    I posted this video to show one of the many ways that we work to improve MatterControl - giving insight into a tool (our automated tester) that might be exciting to some. I hope to inspire and improve the work of those who find this tool exciting. There are many slicing engines, and design softwares that people can choose from, and many choose MatterControl. I hope you have found the ones that work for you.

    You frequently describe your opinions and experiences of the shortcomings of MatterControl. I ask that you be respectful of the many people who find value in this product and leave room for others to discuss the merits and utility they are finding, to share positive stories and experiences.There are many opportunities to describe MatterContol's shortcomings, you have been heard, please allow more of these conversations to be positive.

  • @larsbrubaker As I said I love the bed leveling part and the other things I just mention in the hope for MC to come to the point that we can use it too. There is a lot to like like printing directly from it without having to use something like pronterface. IMO MC is soo close to be a great piece of software. I agree for many it might work. I have no problem taking this discussion private if you are interested. I know we use printers in a way that differ from the way most people do. I give your company credit for putting forth a great effort especially when it comes to tech support and that is a reason why I am still here doing what I feel help out a bit here and there. Now you got my number an I have no problem giving suggestion and/or trying things out. But I will always call it as I see it from my pov. Yes we had issues and I am sad how some things went but have no problem on helping out - be it MC or the pulse or whatever. And remember - there is always room for improvement

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