Cost of the Pulse XE Nylon pro

  • Pulse XE worth the money?

    I was looking at the Pulse XE pro. I wanted to be able to send a SD card home and have the printer print something for my daughter when I am quarantined or just stuck at work for 72 or more hours. Problem is, is it worth the money???? Its not like l was getting the unemployment pay raise people Thought I would ask......

  • So, the best but unpopular answer will be: it depends. I've had my XE for a little over a year now. It's largely been a great printer. My biggest gripe with it is, you're essentially locked into Mattercontrol for auto bed-leveling. MH has made a post on setting up a CURA profile for the Pulse,, but based on the two comments on the post, it isn't a guarantee to work.

    I have successfully printed PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU95, Nylon X, Nylon G, and MH Pro Nylon. The results are acceptable in my opinion. This has been my first 3d printer however, so take that for what its worth.

    Not to denigrate the Pulse printer or MH, but knowing what i know now, I would go with a PRUSA. For the money, it seems like a better deal. Look up the capabilities of Octoprint/Rasberry Pi and remote webcam viewing, potentially even starting a print remotely for your daughter.

    Side by side, sorry for my pulse, but I'd go Prusa.

  • @hamprinter My first printer was a Pulse too. And for the money I could have done better otherwis. I Now have a Chiron, Predator and Mega-X on top of that and am in the process to upgrade them to all metal. Already done so on the Chiron (Volcano) And yet all 3 of those printers combined including the all metal (volcano) upgrade to them are less $$$ than I paid for the Pulse or would pay for a new pulse

  • @hamprinter

    Thank you for your input. I want to buy something that I can use. I have heard Prusa is the way to do from several others. Thanks again

  • @mpirringer

    Thank you as well for your input. I am glad I wait to buy until i have talked to people like you. Thanks again

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