Printer always returns an error - Pulse XE

  • Hi everyone,

    The learning continues...I was printing with TPU, got halfway on a calibration cube, and then the printer stopped. It reported an error - jam or out of filament. I unloaded the filament and there was no ham (not was the filament our). I was even able to reload filament and extrude more.

    I cancelled the print and now it’s in some sort of loop thinking it needs to resume and there’s a jam:filament out error.

    How do I fix this? Is there a reset button?


  • I've never experienced this issue with the Pulse XE D-232. I have had other "Hardware Error" messages and until I either disconnect the printer in Mattercontrol, or physically turn the printer off and then on, the printer will not print.

  • @rjderama The filament out sensor on my C232 is flaky at best. You can put a meter on the little switch and see if it changes when you put in filament. I did not do TPU with that printer but it is quite conceiveable that it pushes the soft filament out of the way. You can bypass the switch by shortening 2 of the leads together. Usa a piece of filament that is hard (abs, pla etc) to determine with a meter which 2 and see if it works then. To "reset" a pulse - turn it off , disconnect in MC then turn it on and reconnect. Depending on what version MC you are using it might be a good idea to get out of MC when you turn off the printer.

  • Thanks guys. Well, I loaded up some OLA and everything is good using that filament. So it’s definitely a TPU thing. I know there’s a way to adjust tension on the extruded, and so maybe it’s because I’ve got the tension wrong that might be the case.

    But I’m reading opposite opinions. From the Prusa website (which is using the BMG as I’m direct drive), tension is decreased. On another site, I read you have to crank up the tension.

    EDIT: When I get the "Printer Paused: dialog box, I hit "resume" and the printer will either resume only to show the paused dialog box again OR it will unload the filament. Very Strange

    EDIT2:: found a workaround by disabling the Runout Sensor in mattercontrol. Printing a calibration cube now. So far so good.

    Thoughts there?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @rjderama Glad you found a workaround. And with the filament feeding.... TPU is fiddly as it got about the consistency of a wet noodle. A lot in printing is still trial and error

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