Someone donated a new Mega-X to us

  • So I got to unpack and Assemble it on Friday. It came the bottom and the top Gantry so 8 bolts - 2 more for the filament sensor and 4 to assemble the filament holder. Annoying part was I dropped one and couldnt find it luckily I got m3s and now it got 1 silver M3 - oh well. Loaded the filament that came with it - leveled the bed and its printing Manta Ray Faceshields since. Most time consuming part was to set up a print profile in Prusa Slicer - I like Prusa slicer. Printing the Manta rays with the stock .4 nozzle with .67 perimeter width and .32 layer height - so optimized for speed as this one is supposed to do a 100 or so ASAP. So has been printing at a rate of 2 every 90 minutes.

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