Squeaking from nozzle and bed

  • Hi all,

    Another question if I can get some advice please...

    Are the squeaking noises I’m hearing normal? I didn’t hear this when I first got my XE.


    Can anyone share some tips on how to stop this if it isn’t normally?

  • @rjderama Could be one of 2 things. If you recently tightened the belt you might have overtightened it and you are wrecking the bearing in the idler or maybe either the bearing in the idler is already gone or you cought some "crap" in one of the linear bearings. And no its not supposed to sound like that

  • Thanks for the insight. I figured it wasn't normal. I haven't tightened anything because I'm afraid I'm gonna mess things up. I think me being too careful has got me to the same spot!

    I'll contact support to see what I can do 🙂

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