Well over 2000 printed

  • 0_1590032407586_Covid help05.jpg

    And still going. (For as long as there are donations)

  • Excellent work, I am assuming face shields? I joined a local effort making face shields and ear protectors, can't boast of these kind of numbers but I do what I can!

    Keep up the great work!

  • @pverdin Mostly faceshields. Almost 100 of the montana masks out of TPU and about a dozen of the BVM filters for the local ambulance squad. And the number keeps growing. I alone am currently turning out 50-120 shields a day depending which model I have requests for. I got 2 Chirons, 1 predator and a megaX running on this. Sometimes all of them sometimes some of them depending on need. I just got a request to jazz up a montana mask with (besides the filter) and amplifier and some blinking lights connected to a vox circuit lol.

  • Our Provincial Health Authority requested a modification for the face shield before they would certify them for use in clinics and hospitals, add to the print time but look pretty sharp.

    0_1590416807178_IMG_1599.JPG 0_1590416823814_IMG_1600.JPG

    Kept my printer rolling continuously and learn quite a bit about the changes could and couldn't make.

  • @pverdin +Thats cool we just had to fill in the open space between the 2 bands.

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