N95 using PLA and a flex on flashforge finder?

  • Knowing the Flashforge Finder is not the best, but it is what I have...

    I want to print N95 masks with PLACTIVE and use a flex around the face fitting zone. I can print with the PLACTIVE no problem. I have no idea if I can add a flex layer(s) to soften the face area.

    I could use some suggestions, I have just start doing the 3d thing. It is actually pretty amazing.

    Best Regards

  • @mm-barrett I print the whole mask out of TPU and it works fine except the filter holder which is either HIPS or PETG

  • Thank you for the input. Another noobie question …

    the Flashforge printer does not have a heated build bed. Can I print TPU without a heated surface?

    I do appreciate your assistance. I have a neighbor working in the local clinics and would like to get her some support.

    Best Regards …. Be Safe


  • @mm-barrett Probably depends on the surface you would have to try it and keep a close eye on it TPU sticks pretty well sometimes too well so maybe try your first print with some glue stick

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