I can't stop my printer from stringing-- about to pull my hair out.

  • So I've been working on trying to set my retraction settings as I have had some SERIOUS stringing issues. Some things I've tried:

    • Retraction distance ranging from 2-16
    • Retraction speeds ranging from 25-160
    • Flow Rates as low as 90%
    • Print Speeds as low as 20mm/s
    • Print temps as low as 190
    • 3 different filaments (Solutech, Polymaker Polymax, Hatchbox)
    • Use of a filament dryer

    I literally don't know what else to do. I've tried being methodical-- I even drew out a grid with several different variables, and laying out my retraction prints on the grid, to try and track any progress. I have literally not seen any difference in any of the variables I've tried....

  • Se if you got some "crap" in your hotend if you have an all metal make sure everything is tight. If your PTFE goes to the nozzle then see if there is a gap or maybe already a "puck" forming. If you do not have an all metal then get a capricorn tube and a cutter and properly mount it according to your hotend. If you got a gap somewhere in your hotend you will get stringing and some hotends just string no matter what

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I'm using a TH3D V6 Hotend (also tried a TH3D Volcano Hotend and got the same results). I feel like I must have built and rebuilt my hotend a billion times to check for tightness of fit.

    I am using an all metal hotend, heatbreak etc. Is there anyway to really check to make sure everything is tight? I feel like there has to be some user error on my part..

  • @jdelise89 to my knowledge only by taking it apart or if its real bad by looking at it. If you for example have filament collecting on top of the block then it oozes out through the threads of the heatbreak same as with the nozzle if you take the nozzle off and there are filament leftovers in the thread or on top of it you were leaking. if the heat break or nozzle are not perfectly flat where they touch they wont seal well and you get a "puck" forming - obstruction by semi fluid filament at the spot of imperfection

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