Even under minimal staffing matter hackers support has been exceptional.

  • Update: really glad I kept my order. Matter hackers customer service has been exceptional. Can’t wait to get started with printing.

    I purchased a Pulse XE this week and I am more than just a bit concerned with all the issues I see with the build quality of the Pulse. E.g. Hotend mounts, printer bed supports warping due to heat, and cooling fan issues ect...

  • @kenchalk I have had mine for a few months now. I have printed everything from PLA to Nylon on it without any issues. Even flexible filament seems to work fine. I mostly use Cura on my other printers and have to say that Matter Control is more basic than cura and lacks some features to make things better but it is usable. I have not had issues with the parts on the printer itself that you mention. I did have an issue with the E3dV6 coming lose between the heatsink and the heater block and oozing material all over but that is typical of the E3DV6 part itself. A quick disassembly, cleaning and re-tightening per the E3D instructions and it was solved. Adhesion to the Garolite bed is good as long as you use the Elmer's glue for PlA and Ryno. Nylon and PETG seem to work ok without the glue. The quality of the prints have been great for me as long as the slicing settings are appropriate although, it takes time to play with Mattercontrol to get them right. My printer is a XE D234. I hope this helps.

  • @fstkmaro thank you. I’m going to stick with the order. We are emergency essential here in DC and just need to know that this is going to work.

    My senses is the complaints with the XE are related to the previous model.

    How much trouble did you have getting curio to work with the printer?

  • No problem. I may have misrepresented the use of Cura. I only use Cura with my other printers. I have yet to find a solution to use the Pulse with Cura. Someone here used to slice in Cura then load into Mattercontrol and use it fine but that has not worked for me. The main issue is the loss of leveling information. While the printer will begin to print, the leveling information is missing from the gcode which causes adhesion problems. Good luck.

  • My pulse is over a year old now, as a total newbie it might have been too much printer but its been a good learning curve and it's currently cranking out PETG Ear protectors. I don't have another printer to compare it too but I have been happy with it overall.

    (It's the operator who has been the real pain... 🙂 )

  • Ive had my Pulse (Not the XE) for a year and 4 months now. The printer itself is solid, once you get past the normal 3d printer newbie issues. Ive printed PLA, ABS (Which works if you build an enclosure), PETG, and TPU. Most of the issues I have (and had) were/are filament cause, and then nozzle cause. The other main issue I had was general wear and tear having to replace my PTFE tube that was causing the prints to under-extrude since the filament couldn't be pushed through, and my Thermister wearing (which was an easy replacement) at the same time.

    As for Mattercontrol: It really is not a good slicer currently. I use Slic3R for many things now for a better slice and then load the GCode and print through Mattercontrol. Doing this I have not had problems with bed leveling either. Though I still use an old version of Mattercontrol for most of my prints since it has decent supports (new version DONT).

    Overall once you get it setup and running good, it is a good little workhorse.

    As for your concerns about warping, this is a filament issue not a PULSE issue.
    The hotend mount is really the only thing could use a bit of an upgrade to make it tighter and easier to access, but it's nothing to complain about.
    The fans all work great for me, I take them off and clean them every few months with no problems.

  • @mstange42
    Thank you. At this point the only thing I’m concerned about is being locked into MatterControl. I hope Matterhackers rethinks this Business decision and offers a plug-in for Cura or simple3D.

  • Here are instructions for using your Pulse with Cura.

  • @unlimitedbacon I have a question about this statement: "S model Pulses (running Smoothieware) require a different procedure." I have a Pulse XE S-232 (with the 32-bit upgrade). Can you tell me what this procedure is please? Thank you!

  • @spaceghost1911 is the 32 bit upgeade worth it the extra money. I almost purchased it, but was told it wouldn’t make much difference on a Pulse XE machine.

  • I must say, even under minimal staffing that matter hackers customer service is exceptional. Really glad I stuck with it.

  • @kenchalk So the Pulse XE with the 32-bit upgrade is actually my very first printer, so I don't have a a benchmark to compare it to, but I can say I have had zero issues with it and am 110% happy with my Pulse XE.

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