Bed Crash/Pulse Firmware?

  • Hey y'all. I'm having an issue with the BL-touch probe when I try to autolevel. The probe does not extend and the hot end crashes into the bed. I've tried everything: replacing the BL touch, plugging and unplugging it from the board, etc. The probe extends and retracts when I do the Z-offset calibrations (albeit sometimes its a little slow to extend back out the second and third times) so I'm really at a loss. I thought maybe if I reflash the firmware that may help but I can't find the firmwares anywhere online. I have a Pulse D-231.

  • @ypaul I stopped using the BLtouch due to "Leg problems" I turned the "has probe" off in MC and I level manually with a piece of paper. Why? After buying/replacing my 4th probe I got tired of it

  • @mpirringer how do you manually level a pulse with mattercontrol?

  • @unlimitedbacon I'm still getting a nozzle crash with my Pulse and BLtouch, Z offset is no problem but bed levelling crashes the nozzle into the board. I have more than one pulse and tried to compare the two of them. My other Pulse (both D-231) when I manually try to extent the probe it automatically retracts which this one doesn't. I compared the wiring to the control box and both are the the same and I also noticed it has a blue standby LED that this crashing Pulse doesn't show.

    I'm trying to print face shields and ear savers for local healthcare workers for Covid-19 so being out one printer is killing me. Any help would be super appreciated (I recently emailed support too I'm just getting really antsy not being able to help my local healthcare workers out).

  • @ypaul Have you tried swapping the BL-touch probes?

  • @pverdin I have (just did again to verify), and it doesn't change the way the printer acts. When connecting the BL Touch from the broken printer to the working printer it acts normally (blue LED probe retracts when you manually pull at it, etc.) and the working Pulse's BL Touch acts all wonky on the broken one (no Blue LED, no retraction when pulling at it).

  • @ypaul In MC there is a field that says "Has probe" and I uncheck that then when you go to level the bed it moves to the position and you got to move the nozzle up and down manually with the keyboard and you do that for each of the points. that you select on the bed I think you can ge 3x3 and 5x5 if you want

  • @mpirringer awesome thanks. I feel kind of dumb not realizing you could do that but I'm going to give it a shot right now, appreciate the help!

  • @mpirringer Manually leveled, and hey! I have a working printer again! I'm actually impressed with the manual mesh levelling, it's pretty accurate. I did a 3x3 because the 5x5 was going to take forever, but I'm tempted to give it a shot down the line.

  • @ypaul glad you are printing again

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