Predator initial impressions

  • We bought 2 Predators to do more PPE printing. I set up the first one and printed so for about 1/2kg worth of masks in HIPS so here are my first impressions

    First the Bad (for me) This thing is heavy as its big - not that good for a guy with back and joint problems to put it together. Plus I got to get a low table to put it on right now its on a regular table and I am 5’11 and I need a step stool to climb up and change filament. (build volume is 370 circular by 455 in the Z and did I say its a delta?)

    Now the good. This thing was packed - well the way I am by now used to things being packed by Anycubic. Very well and well padded - Each set of fasteners in its own bag. A printed manual with lots of pictures and clear instructions - all tools included. So its a delta and you got to bolt the 3 uprights to the bottom and top section, then you got to connect the rods to the hotend plate, the flying extruder to the side, mount the filament out sensor and spool holder (I needed a step stool and thats tough for someone with my joints) then plug it in, turn it on, do the assisted bed leveling which means you can bring the hotend down to the center and adjust the center with a piece of paper and then put the supplied probe on and let it do its thing. Now you are ready to load filament and start printing.

    Now its the quietest printer I got. The only thing I hear is the PSU fan. Oh well I had to set up a profile in Prusa slicer too as I don’t use Cura that comes with it - didn’t even install it. Just looked at the SD card on their bed leveling gcode and copied start and end code out of it.

    So so far so good. Printing the minimalistic face shields in 28 min a piece which is about 2x the time the Chiron does but then the Chiron has a .8 nozzle (this one has a .4) and will try some of the prusa ones too

    Well 2 thumbs up so far

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