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  • Help, I have been printing some mask buckles for healthcare friends and am having a problem with printing more than one at a time. I have tried printing 4 in a row ( positioned from the front of the printer to the back), but the last two always mess up during printing. I am having problems with lifting on the last two and on a few occasions, the printer head will knock the 4th one completely off the bed causing it to mess up almost all of the remaining prints. I have leveled the bed several times, tried a glue stick and blue tape, as well as printed with auto leveling on and off. I don’t know what else to do at this point. I am now getting request to print more for people at the hospitals and I don’t want to let them down. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I currently am using Cura for the slicing software with 20% Infil and no supports as the piece is flat. Currently using PLA with bed@ 67 and hot end at 200.

  • @mschiro83 PLA usually sticks real well to blue painters tape to the point tha sometimes you have to rub it off with a wet spounge. I would try to increase the first layer to 0.32 and up the width to .8 or .96 (if you have a .4 nozzle) I am not too familiar with Cura but it works in Prusa Slicer/Slic3r. If that does not work print a 1 or 2 layer raft and place the items close enough together so they are all on the same raft its a little wasteful but if your bad is damaged the raft would hold on to the front and keep the rear items in place plus would even out some blemishes on the build plate Please share what you are printing as we are supporting our local hospitals too.

  • @mpirringer

    Thanks, I will try that and see if it works. I just started printing PETG today for the first time. I have a friend in California who needs a face shield. I’ve been monitoring the print and seems to have the same issue, places lifting off of the bed.

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