NylonX for larger prints?

  • Hi,

    I am currently making a prototype of a scooter able to reach 100kmh+.

    Everything is in place except the frame. I was thinking about making it in Alloy, using traditional methods.
    But I need fancy shapes. And I ordered parts for a very large 3d printer.

    I could keep the alloy frame and cover it with 3d printed parts. I would like to avoid welding though.

    Anyone here used a very stiff and strong nylon material to replace metal/alloy on a larger print (60x30x20cm)?
    What do you advise?


  • @markland Biggest I printed in anything is about 400x400x400 but with pretty much anything and especially any Nylon you will need to up the Ambient so have some kind of heated enclosure. Now I'd probably would got a different route I'd probably print multiple pieces smaller out of something light like Hips or abs, glue them together - just use it as a skeleton and then wrap it in Fiberglass or CF here is an example almost 400 mm long L frame pieces being printed out of Hips with 1.2mm wall thickness 1 wall with a .8 nozzle
    ![alt text](0_1585533855016_20191228_182039[1].jpg image url)
    And then wrapped in 12oz FG for a test
    Note No sanding or filling actually not even completely dry when the picture was taken it was just a proof of concept. Just to see how well the FG and epoxy bonds to the 3DP parts and it bonds well. Now if you want it real stiff I'd probably use some CF cloth and put some ribs in somewhere to give it stiffness Kinda like a milk crate Just an Idea. CF Nylon is stiffer than regular Nylon but has worse layer adhesion and tensile strength due to all those chopped up CF particles in it

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