FRC teams 3142 and 1989 big print Job - 3DP never rests

  • We have teamed up to fill a local need related to Covid and have pooled our 3DP capabilities and in cooperation with some in employ at Picatinny arsenal we started to 3D Print the brackets for the Prusa Face Shields. The first ones are coming off of our printers today, I bought another one to up production and so did one of the teachers (both Anycubic predators I think we got the last off of Ebay they were out of Chirons) We also have some students involved who own a printer. We were asked to donate them so we are also fundraising to pay for the parts and contacting all of our sponsors and also put out the “word” in local FB groups and other social media. The first batch we were asked to provide is 900 which is about 40-45 kg of filament which we already ordered. Well we already had a litttle over 20kg so we placed orders for the rest. We were told that there will be more batches needed in about 1000 ea lots. As soon as the new printers come in and the 2 that are being rebuilt right now are done our goal is to do at least 100 a day (some maintainance is necessary after running 70kg of filament through them about each over the past 18 monts. Well with that Covid situation I figured I had time to tear down, inspect, replace, upgrade before having them run 24/7 again). Guess 3dp never rests

  • Good for you, amid all the doom and gloom and horror stories of hoarder and gougers this makes my day! Are you just printing brackets or do you have capability to make the shields as well?

  • @pverdin We could make the shields but someone else took on that job we will help in assembly though too. I played a little with the settings and now can print 6 at a clip (both top and bottom) in about 5 hours and 12 minutes on the Chiron (.8 nozzle and HIPS filament) I found another good thing with HIPS for a test of sanitizing it I boiled one for 15 minutes and took it out while the water was still boiling and it was still as solid as always.

  • Delivered 51 today got the printing time down to 6 every 4 hours 52 minutes.

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