Tevo Taramntula can't see Matter Control files

  • As per my title. I have a bunch of other stl files on my memory card and just added two MC ones, but although I can see and open them on my laptop, the printer control board doesn't show them. I'll admit that the printer control has not been updated since I got it a year ago, but then stl is stl, isn't it?
    Thanx in aardvark for any assistance you guys can give me. 👍🍰

  • Only the printer does not handle STL files the printer handles .gcode files. MC can create gcode files so make sure you export it as gcode after you slice it. To check you can make sure it has the .gcode extension and if you open it in wordpad or something you will see lots of lines starting with either M or G (hence Gcode)

  • @mpirringer Thanks friend! Of course! I'm an eejit!
    STL is just the model, and slicing it produces the g code. I haven't done much 3D printing previously and even that was a year ago, so I forgot that most basic thing. And do you want to know the irony of it? I'm a CNC mill setter by trade! (facepalm) 🤦😑😂

  • @mpirringer Plus, I can't even spell Taramasalata, I mean Tarantula, correctly! 😂

  • @cheapo lol happens to the best of us

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