Down to the wire

  • Well we are getting into the wiring and testing phase. We got a bit over 13kg of HIPS in our robot. All white stuff is printed in HIPS with a .8 on one of our 2 Chirons. We printed some other color stuff that is non load bearing on the resurected makerbot replicator + in PLA. Wish us luck we get it done in time check the image captions for descriptions

    Some quick stats = Length 747,6mm, width 747.6 mm Height 1133.4 mm All prints are solid (as close as possible to injection molding) And in tests we got layer adhesion to 85-90 % of tensile strength - so almost like injection molding. (except the PLA parts on the makerbot) 8 brushed motors (CIM) 292 oz in stall torque 4000rpm max at 12V/100A but are governed at 40 Amps per rules through fuses and software so we dont blow the fuses, 2 brushless with same specs. Weight a little over 80 lb (40kg) now the question is as to do we keep it light or do we add some weight to make the max legal of 125 lb (about 60kg) without batteries and bumpers - so total operational weight will be about 20lb/10kg more. max speed 125 in/sec (319 cm/sec) Lighter we will be faster and more maneuverable to avoid collisions which makes for a better offensive bot heavier gives us a bigger punch and makes for a better defensive bot

    0_1583031587365_20200229_135105[2].jpg 0_1583031628494_20200229_135121[1].jpg 0_1583031685577_20200229_135152[1].jpg 0_1583031713174_20200229_135621[1].jpg 0_1583031742258_20200229_135721[1].jpg 0_1583031771614_20200229_135721[1].jpg 0_1583031799894_20200229_135758[1].jpg

  • Great work ! All the best

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