Why Tough PLA

  • I always look for new great stuff. And I have the question how would we benefit from using toughpla over what we are currently using. And Currently we use either HIPS (mostly) and Taulman Nylon 910 or hobbyking CX12 (depending on which one is cheaper) Now HIPS is tough, durable and easy to print. I cannot print things in any PLA (I tried) that I can print in HIPS as I can't get PLA to not warp off the build plate at least the way we print I challenge someone to print any of our bigger parts in PLA. And I tried rafts and brims etc. 0_1582419247563_20191208_235119[1].jpg
    Here is a try on a relatively small part with Prusa PLA You can see how the 45 degree overhangs get wavy and curl up and corners get broken off and it starts to warp That print failed and I then printed it successfully in both ABS as I had some and HIPS and it came out beautifull. .8 noozle and 8 perimeters. Now I printed parts like this and bigger in 910 and Bridge and CX12. Now is the tough pla tougher than 910? as it is more expensive then both 910 and CX12. Can I print something like this solid 0_1582419607427_20200112_081627[1].jpg
    And then hit it with a 2lb hammer hard. Now Nylon will give - with enough effort and a big enough hammer I can deform it - have not been able to break it yet. HIPS with enough effort you can shatter. And annealing - even in the video the tiny part that was annealed warped. Also we ran HIPS gears at 1000rpm and above that 910 and CX12 gears successfully up to 12000 rpm (1-2mm modulus double helical involute) Any PLA gear will grind itself to dust over about 500 rpm so far under heavy use. How does toughPLA behave under those conditions. So I would like these questions answered before I part with $52 plus tax. Because price wise It better beat Nylon and/or CX12 and definitely HIPS which we get between 10-14 dollars a kg

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