Taulman 645 settings?

  • Noob that just got a Pulse XE. Bought a few rolls of Taulman 645 on sale. I did one test print on 80% speed of abs. Tried 275 degree, 240. Threw the roll in the oven overnight, no change. Seems like its not extruding as fast and the strand will hang in the air and not onto the bed almost like the standoff it too high. I made one part and it was extremely flexible and slowly delaminating itself.

    Im printing with Ryno and NylonX successfully. I cant seem to find any info on 645 settings other than "80% of ABS". Any help is appreciated!

  • Have not printed 645 but its a soft Nylon and my soft Nylon rules are..

    1.) print at 20mm/sec or slower.
    2.) Make sure you get the extrusion multiplier rigth
    3.) print at layer height between 25-50% of nozzle diameter
    4.) Make outside perimeters 110% nozzle diameter all others 140-175% nozzle diameter.
    5.) NO FAN!!!!! (probably should be #1)

    Also you know printing on the pulse at 270 for long times will cause problems. (I got yelled at for pushing it too much)

    You probably can't do the extrusion with with MC so I suggest to us Prusa slicer and then run it through MC for bed leveling

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