Printing GT2 pulley with a .7 nozzle

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    Picturse of a winch with a GT2-2 (79 Tooth) pulley on top. Interesting thing is that the teeth are spaced 2mm apart and are .98mm thick and are printed with a .7mm nozzle in this case on an anycubic Chiron. Belt fits perfectly (same belt you have on a pulse or cr-10 or anycubic style printer)
    Material: Toner Plastic HIPS (pure HIPS no additives $9.99/kg)
    Slicer Prusa slicer
    Nozzle .7mm
    layer height .36mm
    Outside Perimeter width .48mm (yes you can print narrower than the nozzle width and if you look closely you see the loops.
    Inside Perimeter width 1.28mm ( and yes you can also print wider than the nozzle width)
    Number of Perimeters: 9 ( makes it a solid hunk of plastic.
    Max Volumetric E: 16.5mm3/sec (to throttle speed to get good even extrusion.

    It is an example of a couple of things
    1.) You can print fine details with a big nozzle
    2.) you can print faster than you think with a certain nozzle (you can print up to .8mm perimeter widths with a .4 for example on a V5 clone or .96 on a v6 (due to a bigger flatspot on the nozzle tip) in general up to somewhere between 175 - 250 % of nozzle diameter

    Well that is if your slicer can handle it and that is why we use slic3r/prusa slicer.

    IMPORTANT!!! If you do that kind of stuff consider the max Volumetric E - Details here
    and on considering nozzle size

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