Print head printing above bed

  • So i built a printer and am using repetier firmware. I finished this rebuild about 1 month ago and after tweeting a few things here and there it has been working great. The issue is all of a sudden after I had to cancel a print, I went to rerun the part and now it for some reason has a offset. I have gone through everything I can think of and can’t see anything with any sort of offset that has got changed. I can home the printer(max) and the go to Z0 and it is perfectly touching the bed so I know that is correct. I have reinstalled firmware, mattercontrol, cleared out all mattercontrol files. Ran autoleveling again. I found one article on reddit that someone had the same issue but didn’t have an answer.

    The thing is that before I rebuilt this printer I had ran into this very issue and tech support had been working with me on it but I feel like the answer that they came up with was kinda just a work around for the problem. That was on different computer with different firmware.

    Something I did notice last night was that when I slice an object in mattercontrol the exported gcode start code is different then the gcode that ran in the terminal for that object.

  • @jonathan9573 Maybe try a different slicer and/or post the first 20 gcode lines or so of your sliced file

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