Foggy Layer

  • Hello I've been using the Ender 5 printer along with the latest Cura program and printing a pretty basic object. The object has a 1/4" thick base with a few objects on top of the base. Prints very well until it gets close to printing the top layer that the other objects will be printed on. The top layer of the base ends up with a top layer that is foggy/flat/dull. I've tried adjusting the Cura settings but still dull finish. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Also it seems to be printing around the objects on the base where I would have thought it would print the base then the other objects on top of the base but not so. I consider myself to be a knowledgeable newbie to the 3d printing world.
    Thx, Skidda

  • Would be easier to help you if you post some pictures

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