Help with my Ender 5

  • Yesterday I tried to add a BL touch to my Ender 5 and could not get to to work correctly. While doing the bed leveling the BL touch went to far over causing the bed to crash into the nozzle several times. Finally I removed the BL touch and flashed Marlin back onto my printer to bring it back to its original state. Since doing that, I cannot get it to print correctly. I have manually leveled the bed several times but the filament just isn't sticking correctly. I noticed the middle of the bed was low so I built it back up with foil improving the print a little. I have tried raising the nozzle temp to 215 while printing with PLA to get it to adhere better but I keep getting the same results. I have un out of options and don't know what else to do.

  • Difficult to diagnose without seeing a picture of the first layer on the build plate.

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