3DP Hook test and more

  • Build season in full swing here we are testing a 3DP hook. after the teacher all the kids got a turn in testing it too


    Here is the hook after the test
    Here is the frame partially assembled
    frame size is about 30x30 inches

    Printer: Anycubic Chiron
    Material HIPS
    Slicer Prusa Slicer
    Print settings for .8 nozzle. .88mm outside perimeter, 1.35mm all other perimeters 6-10 perimeters depending on part (Printing solid no infill all layer lines no air gap) Vol. E limited at 16.5 mm3/sec Nozzle 255 bed 105
    You are looking at a little over 3kg of HIPS in the pictures Here is one of the parts being printed
    This one is about 9 in square

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