Change Home X,Y and Z

  • Hi, can anyone offer any suggestions to make my default setting when starting to print a project? By changing and setting my Home printing to be X 250mm Y 250mm and Z 0mm on my CR10 S5?

  • Home on a printer is usually defined in the firmware. So if you issue G28 it goes to its firmware home position which is defined by its limit switches and the firmware knows if it goes left,right,up,down,fwd,back to got "home". So you can't redefine home unless you change the switches and firmware (DON't unless you got a real good reason and really know what you are doing) After the printer is "home" you then can use G0 Xnnn Ynnn Znnn where nnn is a coordinate to go whereever you want

    So for example my CHIRON homes at -5,0,0 so outside the build plate. Now there is a small chance to mess up in case the Z stop is below the build plate and I find it less of a problem to maybe slightly scrape the build plate as i watch the first layer instead of having a crash so I do something like
    g1 x-5 y0 z5
    and then after some other stuff
    G1 x0 y0 Z0
    to start my purge

    But every printer is different so when playing with Gcode you got to make sure you account for the mechanics and program accordingly

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