Why No support for Anycubic?

  • I have recently purchased a Anycubic i3 mega and have been saddened by the lack of support from Matter Control 2.0. There is no option for the i3 mega (or any Anycubic printer for that matter) in the printer selection. so what am i missing? Is there some kind of feud happening with Anycubic and Matter Control? Its not like this printer company hasn't been around and has a fairly respected fan base. I like Matter Control but it just seems weird that they wouldn't support such a popular 3d printer company. I know there are ways around this issue, like uninstalling and using Cura, but i was curious as to why?

  • Probably cause they don't sell it. For me Prusa slicer works best with the anycubics - We got a couple of Chirons. There are some serious advantages to go that way. Max Volumetric E, using veriable layer width, Adaptive slicing. The only redeeming feature MC might have is the bed leveling if you cant figure out the native one. But you will get much better results with any other slicer. You also do want to print on the Anycubics with the SD card, If you print from the SD card things like filament out etc work. The anycubic is not set to talk back to MC so if filament runs out MC will just keep sending and sending and your print fails. Also never load MC on a computer connected to the anycubic while it is printing as MC will rudely kill the print. If you want a terminal or run something from your PC for whatever reason then use pronterface. MC looked like a good idea but its lacking in execution and slicing never seemed to be a priority. So It might be a good slicer if we crank up the delorean and go back in time. Its a shame IMO.

  • Oh ok, so they sell the other hundreds of machines on the list? wow, did not know that. ok thanks for the info.

  • Probably not all of them For a while they had a special going where you could create a profile for a machine they did not support and send it to them and they gave you something but that feels like ages ago. So some of the profiles might have been created by someone like you and me. Creating a profile is not that tough. Go and define the bed and print areas, and the home position and write some start and cleanup gcode. I made a profile for the Chiron. For the mega you probably could start out with an ender or a CR-10 or prusa and change the bed size and make sure the leveling probe is set to manual

  • I run seven Anycubic i3 Mega-s printers on two windows machines running copies of MatterControl. You can reach me at sthatcher@smtdesigns.com and I can send you a profile. It is just a Other Prusa variety from MatterControl's prespective., but you do need the bed size, etc. I also run Marlin 1.1.9 and just installed BLTouch sensors on two of the machines. I design and sell parts for hobby rocketry.

  • @stevethatcher Cool. I know you can run it on MC I tried it too - IDK why you would want to though. As far as I know the Megas work very closely to the chiron and when printing from SD you get filament out and resume etc whereas MC does not know when the filament ran out. Plus you get way more features on a real slicer like Prusa Slicer (used to be SLIC3R) Especially if you go to bigger nozzles. But even with a standard .4 it got features like adaptive layer heights etc and way more control over layer width. You can for example - with a .4 set the outside layers to .44 for accuracy and all others to .8 for speed and layer adhesion and almost double your printing speed while still printing accurately

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