Why No support for Anycubic?

  • Re: Anycubic I3 Mega and Matter Control Software I have recently purchased a Anycubic i3 mega and have been saddened by the lack of support from Matter Control 2.0. There is no option for the i3 mega (or any Anycubic printer for that matter) in the printer selection. so what am i missing? Is there some kind of feud happening with Anycubic and Matter Control? Its not like this printer company hasn't been around and has a fairly respected fan base. I like Matter Control but it just seems weird that they wouldn't support such a popular 3d printer company. I know there are ways around this issue, like uninstalling and using Cura, but i was curious as to why?

  • MatterHackers

    It is not a machine that we have used or tested in house and have not made a profile for it accordingly. MatterControl is open source and you certainly are able to manually create a profile. As long as the machine uses G Code, MatterControll will be able to operate the machine.

    To do this, you can navigate to Hardware> Add Printer> Other. From here, you can ender the printer's specifications and dial it in accordingly.

  • Hi.
    I have the 4Max pro. It works with the Other profile.
    But you have to set everything by yourself. That sucks!!
    One BIG negativ point for MatterControl.

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