MatterControl default settings - Create Raft = .6mm - WHY??!!??!

  • Why is the default for 'Create Raft' set to 0.6 mm?

    For me, and what I have read in other posts, is not even acknowledged by the print.
    For me, it was trying to print, well, about 1mm above the raft with all Default settings for printing otherwise.
    Others seemed to identify the same thing with older versions as well.

    Is there a way to convey to MatterControl developers to set the default Create Raft to 0.1 mm to allow an adequate result? (without the print head floating above the raft)

    For anyone else who uses Raft, I would like to hear some feedback as to what settings you are using and why. If you are not using 0.6, why is not the default 0.6? Is this based on other printers expected defaults and print function?

    I am using the ROBO R1+.

    Thanks ✌

  • Default settings for raft don't make much sense to me as it depends on 2 many parameters. 1st what material do you print in PETG needs more distance than lets say pla and ABS and HIPS and Nylon are different again and then different brands of material need different distances too and then all changes depending on your Nozzle size and layer height. Now .6 does not seem that bad a point to start off from and then you make some experiments to find the proper settings that work for your printer/nozzle/material/layer height combo. Its the same with the proper Z offset for the first layer. IDK how many I got as I have a profile for that for each material/printer/1st layer combo and then sometimes I change something or buy a new material and that is different too

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