NylonX max bed temperature?

  • Hi, I'm running dual-extruder prints with NylonX and IGUS bearing filament in a Raise3D Pro2. The settings for the NylonX are pretty much dialed in, I'm having very few problems with it. However, the IGUS filament is finicky and isn't adhering to the bed consistently, possibly because the bed temperature is between the bed temperature windows for the two materials (currently printing at 80°C, between the 60-65° for the NylonX and the 90-100°C for the IGUS filament).

    Would NylonX have issues at a bed temperature of 90°C? Has anyone tried it?

  • Probably not. Have not tried it with NylonX but all other nylons I worked with have no problem with it. If you go past the glass transition temp on any material for extended time some annealing might be going on. This most likely wont be a bad thing. It will get a bit stiffer. Annealing - depending on the Nylon will start at about 90 C. You can go as high as 140 with Nylon 6 or 12 as the melt point is at about 170-180. If you exceed 90 C its important that you leave it in the printer until the bed and part cools to room temp. Especially if you have an enclosure. If you "rip" the part of the build plate at lets say 110 and put it in the cool room it most likely will cool unevenly and warp a bit.

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