Tall and thin walled

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    Tall and thin. Its nice to print functional things like this cover in 1 piece. 392mm tall. Printed on the Chiron. Material HIPS .7mm nozzle .32 layer height 1mm layer width throttled at 16.5 mm3/sec nozzle 255 bed 105. All stock except I replaced the PTFE tube with a capricorn high temp one as I did not trust the one that came with it to do 255 C 24/7. The Capricorn has lasted for over 2 months of use now some nozzle changes and inspections and no visual degradation. The CHIRON has a V5 clone hotend with the PTFE going to the nozzle. overhang in the back is 49 deg came out fine too with no supports. The plastic you see is a 3mil sheet that is draped over the printer and the print dry as an "enclosure" to keep the "chamber" temp during print at about 50 C there is a channel underneath the bed to exclude the electronics from the "chamber" for the fans to push the cool air through to keep the electronics cool. Oh and sliced on prusa slicer (otherwise it be kinda tought to throttle volumetrically and do the layer width thing)

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