Accidently dismissed the generate support button in the Print dialog box

  • I have searched and searched... how to I get the generate support button back (without disrupting anything else)... I am running the latest version of MatterControl on a PC.

    addendum - I did find the separate Generate Support icon and used that, but I still want the print option available on available.

  • @stevethatcher I suggest call matterhackers tech support while you are on the computer

  • MatterHackers

    This button has since moved to the spot you see now and there is no way to add the generate support back to the print dialogue box. 0_1572038463339_Support.PNG

  • @erikescudero The print dialog box used to say that a part may need support and there was a "button" on it to bring up the generate support dialog box that the little icon you are referring brings up also. I just found it handy to be told (as a reminder) if I brought in a part that MatterControl thought needed support. The reminder is what I am talking about. The button that I dismissed was not actually the final generate support dialog box, but it did bring it up.

    I hit the dismiss button and I would like to bring back the reminder, but I can't find it. I have two computers running six printers and I like to have each system behave the same way.

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