seeing a line on the bottom of each print. help!

  • hi long time user of mattercontrol and i am having issues on the bottom of each print. so i like to use Elmer glue very thin for my prints when using pla. and after the printer does its leveling check on the very last level check spot it then does not lift up again rather it simply drags the extruder across the glass to the center and begins to print. this leaves a line in the bottom of each and every print i make now. i am not sure if it did that before the new firmware releases or not but it needs to be addressed. is there a line of code i can change? if so what line and to say what? still using robo3dr plus version printer here. in case that info is needed to help me.

  • Maybe put a Z-hop after the purge in your startup code. Like
    G1 Z2
    or something like that

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