MatterControl 2.19.10 - Quality and Material interfaces

  • Hi,

    Just downloaded and installed MatterControl. Whilst configuring it, I noticed in Slice Settings the Quality and Material options... what puzzled me is that both have the same settings to configure. Before I only consistently used Repetier (tried Cura, but got intimidated, also inconsistent results).

    Maybe someone can explain it to me why are the same settings in both Quality and Material configuration windows and how should I properly configure it (what is the correct way).

    Thank you.

  • MatterHackers

    Those settings do not overlap and when changed, will be indicated with the corresponding colored markers to the left of both options.

    alt text
    alt text

  • @michael-petitclerc I got it now:
    Although the settings are the same, various settings get precedence either in Quality tab, or in Material tab.

    The only thing that is still confusing is that as is now, without testing, the user can't tell which is the higher precedence setting.

    For example:
    layer thickness - if set different in the two panes, the setting in Quality will take precendece
    speed - again, if set different in the two panes, this time the Material will take precedence.
    I could not tell the above without actually trying it, which I believe is a flaw in design.

    Plus, why both settings would have the same set of parameters? What's the purpose behind that?

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