Problem with carbon fiber printing

  • Recently we have bought 20 % carbon fiber filament from Netherland. We 3d print with the creality cr-10s printer. With pure PLA normally we did not encounter any problems. However, the problems appeared with carbon fiber. Of course, we changed the printing parameters for the carbon fiber. Our geometry is not complicated, but we use our own gcode for printing the parts. While start the printing for first few layers we do not have any specific problems. However, after a while for final layers it seems that lose too much filament or the filament jam at some point. Any idea you might kindly give for us or any same experience?

    Attached is the image of the printed part.

  • MatterHackers

    The first thing you will want to note here is you will need a hardened steel nozzle to properly print with abrasives like carbon fiber materials as the abrasive characteristic will hurt a brass nozzle over time.
    That said, looking at the photo, it looks to be pretty wet. Depending on the material you will need to dry the material as most are hygroscopic.

    I have included an article below that should help you out with wet material:

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