Printing temp which one is wrong...

  • Or are they both?

    I got a Pulse with a V6 and a Chiron with a V6 clone. I print the same material on both. I use MH Build Black PLA as an example. I print my test prints and according to them to get the same results which is good layer adhesion and good print quality, both printers with a .8nozzle on the Pulse I got to print MH Build PLA at 225 and on the Chiron I print it at 185. PETG on the pulse at 265 and on the Chiron at 230 HIPS on the Pulse at 270-275 on the Chiron at 245-250. Now I can understand a couple of degrees but 30-40. True some claim to have measured the nozzle with a thermometer on the Chiron and the chiron under reports the temp by about 5-10C so an 185 is a 195 on the nozzle and a 245 is a 250 on the nozzle (it underreports less at higher temps if I can trust the support group posts.) Now did anyone do that kind of measurements on the Pulse or is there something wrong.

    On a different Note at a 100C bed I can touch on the Pulse for a few seconds before starting to feel discomfort on the Chiron its ouch pretty much in less than 1/2 sec. So any suggestions on where to investigate or tune or is it just oh well print pla on the pulse at 225 and on the chiron at 185 and dont worry about it as they are pulse and chiron degrees which are not even close

  • In general, I print PLA at 195-200 and PetG at 225-235, with good results at either settings.

  • I tried the petg at 230 today and the improvement on the outcome of the print was quite amazing, so for me this seems to be the ultimate.
    At 235 I found it was dropping lumps on occasions which was causing the axis to jump and it was very stringy.
    So maybe the Chiron is the correct one.

  • Which PETG are you using?

  • Its one available here in Ausland it's by a Chinese company Sunlu, not sure how well known it is, but it works well, it's what I used to print the parts when I rebuilt the printer.

  • Not printed that one yet but have heard of it. Why I asked the 2 PETG I printed MH-Build an Hobby king on both printers need to be printed at different temps (20c apart) to get same results so seems not all PETG is created equal. And wanted to use your data as a reference too

  • Can't really help with other brands, I find the one available that works for me and stick with it.
    Not one for experimenting.

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